Comic for Tuesday, Jun 7, 2022


Posted June 7, 2022 at 12:00 am

I honestly didn't expect this storyline to keep going like this, but keep going it does!

I'm going to have to decide whether to have an intermission before having a storyline that's actually a story with these 100% Original Characters (written by Ashley, of course).

I probably will, because it will effectively be a new storyline even if it is connected to this, I could use some time to write it, and other characters are waiting to be on-panel for a bit, ASHLEY.

Androgynous Elliot

This form is basically a shorter, less beefy Elliot with his head drawn the same way I draw his feminine head (and, of course, Ellen's head).

I wasn't sure what outfit to go with for the last panel, so I just put not-Elliot in clothes Ashley would wear. Not-Elliot got twin ponytails (or whatever they're called in that configuration) because he started with a ponytail, so just one didn't seem different enough to me (Ashley and I are both very concerned about contrast).