Comic for Monday, Jan 17, 2022


Posted January 17, 2022 at 2:49 am

Sorry, Nanase, but my plans don't involve you being there.

Not that anything unexpected could possibly happen. Enjoy babysitting!

Also, sorry it's something like babysitting. I figured being in charge of the well-being and safety of three or more children would be one of the few things that would keep you from just being like "nuts to this, I'm going".

Also, I guess Nanase has cousins other than Tedd now. They exist because I needed Nanase to have a sudden obligation on Saturday. Who knows what the ripple effects of THAT will be.

Nanase's outfit is basically a result of me thinking "what if skirt, but also skirt collar and sleeves"? And then I drew it, and now it's a thing. Leggings because cold weather.


- Saturday EGSNP