Comic for Monday, Dec 13, 2021


Posted December 13, 2021 at 2:45 am

The irony of the first panel for me personally, and likely for Tedd, is time to work in class never really worked out that well. Generally, there were too many distractions, especially if the classroom wasn't kept quiet.

At the same time, waking up, spending all day at school, getting home late afternoon, potentially having other things you need to do, plus homework from potentially multiple teachers who didn't check with one another to see if maybe they were overdoing it? It seems extreme to me. I don't think there's much gained from every waking moment being class.

It's like exercise. Some is good, but after a certain point, you're just punishing yourself.

Anyway, yes, I did just devote the vast majority of the commentary to dialogue I could have tossed out without affecting the story at all. HUZZAH!


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