Comic for Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021


Posted October 13, 2021 at 2:44 am

- "So this doesn't actually work."

- Dr. Germahn

Before anyone conclusion jumps, Dr. Germahn has yet to get to the part that makes Tedd "scrub trash". He'll get to that on the next page. He is NOT saying that his confusion about being a seer does that.

Chekov's Glove

When I first revealed that the glove did nothing, and Pandora pointed out the bright side of what Tedd had accomplished, I didn't have this situation in mind. I literally couldn't have, as I didn't have this situation planned at all back then.

At the time, I mostly thought that the greater control would be one of many potential ways Tedd would combine magic, science, and technology. I saw it as a handy (HA!) first step towards future inventions and spells.

When I got the idea for this change, however, well... 

Guess who needs a whole mess of new wands and spells all of a sudden.

Or don't guess, because you presumably know after reading the above page.

I was just trying to sound cool.



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