Comic for Monday, Sep 20, 2021


Posted September 20, 2021 at 3:39 am

- Potentially relevant page with Luke and Camdin

And so it was that cookies rained from the heavens, for many guessed correctly that Luke and his friends were involved.

The size of those cookies, however, depends on WHEN one guessed the incident with Luke was connected with Rhoda and Catalina somehow! If it was only the last comic, um... I dunno. A cookie that fits in one hand. If it was way back in the comic shop or something, a cookie that requires two hands to hold?

I dunno. Ultimately, I'm not handing these out. Anyone who wants a cookie is going to have to acquire them on their own, and probably won't do so based on whether they predicted this, but instead based on whether they want cookies.

NONETHELESS, many cookies were metaphorically rewarded on this day.

Also, because I've been doing this long enough to know someone will ask:

No, whatever Rhoda is talking about in panel two hasn't been explained. I just wanted to establish that they were doing something they'd joked about before as an explanation for how they coordinated doing whatever it was so quickly mid-chase.


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