Comic for Monday, Sep 6, 2021


Posted September 6, 2021 at 12:17 am

- Dog Magic

- Ice Magic (The page after Dog magic)

Sarah - "Wait, wait, I can salvage this: DOG magic. Eh? Eh? That'll trip her up!"

Susan - "Tripping her up wasn't the plan."

Sarah - "Oh, it wasn't? Well then maybe YOU SHOULD TELL ME THE PLAN NEXT TIME!"

I guess Sarah not being in on the plan is a minor spoiler, but I think one could've guessed that? Or maybe not. I'm not a scientist.

Specifically, Sarah wasn't in on this EXACT plan. She knew Susan was planning something like this.

Also, we have yet another example of me not rewriting things in response to people predicting it, because ye gods, SO many people have earned the right to give themselves cookies for guessing what type of magic Catalina would say Susan would have.


- Saturday EGSNP