Comic for Monday, Jan 1, 2018


Posted January 1, 2018 at 2:21 am

- "...I get all their energy."

"No fair! Where is your mandatory blue hat?!"

"Where's yours?"

"Oh crap!"

Gullet might be disgusting, and not the most clever of the aberrations present, but he's not wrong about not being weak.

I was originally going to have Gullet breath fire, but I decided it drove the point of him being a wizard home more if he used his hands.

I'm aware that breathing fire isn't exactly a mundane thing that one simply does, and that shooting fire from one's hands isn't somehow MORE magical. That being the case, however, fire breathing feels more to me like something a monster just might be able to do, like how a dragon might breath fire without anyone thinking of it as being particularlly wizard-like. If that same dragon made a small flame appear in one of it's hands, however, that's when people would start saying "oh snap, that dragon knows magic".

- Sketchbook