Comic for Friday, Nov 10, 2017


Posted November 10, 2017 at 1:00 am


- Magus amplifying Ellen's emotions to try and get her to zap Elliot, and Magus standing between them

- When we last saw Magus and Sirleck together (TONS of relevant references in the commentary, there)
- When last we saw Sirleck...?

- Ellen telling Nanase something that is obviously not true (well, now it's obvious), then running off

I listend to so much One Winged Angel while working on this comic. Final Fantasy VII is still relevant, right? If it's not relevant now, play the remake when it comes out, then come back to this and laugh at my funny joke.

At first, I was disappointed that the best angle I could think of for panel one covered up so much of Sirleck-Ellen, but you know what? Sirleck Ellen is spooky. Cover that up, beam. Ya done good.

Speaking of visuals, I spent a long time sorting out the stairs in Elliot's house. All the details of the railing, how many stairs, yadda yadda yadda... AND I wound up going with angles that show hardly any of it.

There are going to be so many stairs scenes later, you guys, you don't even know. I will FIND reasons.