Comic for Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017


Posted October 18, 2017 at 1:14 am

This comic wasn't that difficult to make once I figured something out, but that... That took a while.

A problem I've been trying to sort out is how the heck I was going to do these mall scenes with any sort of backgrounds and stay on any sort of schedule when every gosh darn mall I've ever been to has had wide open entrances to every store. That prospect meant complicated background after complicated background short of focusing on some isolated corner, relying on very vague backgrounds, or going FULL ACTION ANIME BACKGROUNDS WITH LINES AND STARS EVERYWHERE AND--

*Erhem* Anyway, I decided to look into how other people have simplified mall scenes, and the first thing that came to mind was an episode of Daria called "Malled", and I discovered something glorious. Specifically, doors.


I decided right then and there that if it was good enough for Daria, it was good enough for me. Plus, after ranting a bit on Twitter, I learned that some indoor malls do have doors, so it's not even THAT weird. Sort of. And I can claim some stores in the mall have doors and others don't, so it can be consistent with previous storylines! Mostly!

Look, just roll with it so we don't wind up with one story comic a week over here o__o

And yes, I know there's not a lot of store details on THIS particular page, but that's due to angles and being zoomed in and me looking at a clock and freaking out. There are more detailed storefronts incoming.

And I have no comment on that kangaroo guy. You're just going to have to be perplexed by him forever.