Comic for Friday, Jun 2, 2017


Posted June 2, 2017 at 1:00 am

- Sarah playing around with simulated time stoppery and floating on Monday (it is presently late Thursday evening)
- Sarah simulated traffic time stop

And thus beings Part 16 - BFFs, or "Best Friends Forever", and--Wait. Okay, I know "BFFs" is a thing, I've heard it said, but the plural is "Friends", not "Forever", so... Shouldn't it be "BFsF"? I know that's difficult if not impossible to pronounce, but in what reality does "Forvevers" make sense?

None. None realities.

Anyway, since "BFFs" (sigh) is such an ominous title, I decided to begin this part in the least confusing way possible: With Sarah doing weird stuff in a simulated time stop. Nothing is more straightforward and simple as...

Wait, why is there a "gh" in "straight"?

Lastly, a note not related to the story comic itself:

New EGS:NP comics are Mon-Weds-Friday, same as these story comics, and I'm working on both more in advance now.

Since new comics should be regularly occurring for both, dates are above all the comics, and the new story comics often appear before the EGS:NPs do, I've decided to stop linking to every new EGS:NP in these commentaries. It feels unnecessary, and that last point about the story comics appearing first can make it something of a hassle, too.

I will, however, make note of it in commentaries should there be something new that isn't regularly occurring.