Comic for Wednesday, Oct 5, 2016


Posted October 5, 2016 at 3:02 am

Question Mark! (yay)

Some of you who regularly read the commentary might be like "we KNOW Question Mark's been added to the story comic section! We know!", but I boldly assume not everyone reads the commentary, so I've flung that message onto the bottom of the comic for the time being. I don't expect to keep the announcement there forever, as Question Mark being in this main section will eventually render the issue moot, but I think it's best to have it there for now.

As for why Sarah is ruining what has thus far been an excellent streak of open communication that would baffle the writers of many TV shows, this part of Question Mark is probably kinda sorta relevant. Granted, after where we last left Sarah, there could be even more to it than that now.

Maybe we'll find out soon what happened with that in a future comic perhaps maybe let's see where this goes huzzah