Comic for Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016


Posted August 31, 2016 at 1:01 am

- Cheating cheater

It's difficult for me when I have to reference sad Susan moments. They either make me feel sad, or make me feel sad and mad enough to punch something into the sun. The cheating cheater reference is the latter.

Given the amount of responses I've already gotten from the last comic alone, this is one of those moments in which I want to say a lot, and explain what exactly I'm doing. I can't, though, because the only way to do that is to, shockingly, spoil what I'm doing.

So instead of explaining what I'm doing, I'm going to explain why I can't explain what I'm doing. It's the perfect plan.

I will say that what Mr. Verres is saying about it not being unheard for completely unrelated people to look shockingly similar is true, and that really big coincidences do happen. Even if one believes in a higher power guiding everything with their will, their will may well be that such a thing be a coincidence.

Why would they will such a thing? I dunno. Mysterious ways? Get people to debate coincidences? Boredom? It is not for us mere mortals to know. Unless it is. Like I said, I dunno.