Comic for Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016


Posted June 15, 2016 at 1:28 am

Sorry about that. I was certain enough of the definition based on what I'd been told and what I saw when I looked it up that I thought I understood.

I think it's somewhat a result of the context I was being presented to it in, as my exposure to the words "polyamory" and "polyamorous" were almost always contextualized via discussion of Tedd, Grace and Sarah. It's also in part because I thought I understood and didn't rigorously research beyond that because, well, I thought I knew what the idea was.

I remain nervous, however, because a) I've already thought I knew the deal before and got it wrong once, and b) I find that there is rarely 100% consensus on what words mean and I'm concerned I just made some people happy and infuriated others.

At least, I'm hoping I made some people happy. And got this right. And that people recognize that's Elliot and not Ellen in the third part of the third panel.

I'm  going to go hide somewhere just to be safe.