Comic for Wednesday, Mar 16, 2016


Posted March 16, 2016 at 7:19 pm

- Energy clog introduction
- Energy clog re-mention

When you marry a nerdy griffin scientist, be prepared the occasional instance of them being very insistant on certain matters that you couldn't even begin to understand. An exception to this would be if you yourself were also a nerdy griffin scientist, in which case you're in the exact same situation with the exception being that you might actually understand what they're on about.

Fun fact: I hadn't originally planned on Nanase being part of this discussion. I foreshadowed the heck out of it with the mystery of her fairy doll spell not working, and her reaction to hearing "energy clog", but still! What the carp, past me?

Or maybe... Maybe past me knew deep down what present me needed to have set up, even if present me at the time (who would one day become past me) didn't realize it?

Right, that makes sense. Good job, past me! Present me? Get your head in the game. Future me? You do whatever it is you do. I mean, not to sound accusatory, but I've never actually seen you do anything.