Comic for Friday, Sep 4, 2015


Posted September 4, 2015 at 6:58 am

- Most likely location

I'm sure the nice tiger griffin lady wasn't referring to anything of major importance.

Part of me really wanted to add "and she's focused on the griffin" to make it extra clear why Ashley waving her arms wasn't enough, but that doesn't need to be said, does it? Elliot's dealing with a big griffin with glowing talons, and it would be easy to miss someone waving from another floor of the mall anyway.

Granted, when I say she's a "big" griffin, I mean relative to Elliot. for all we know, she's small relative to most griffins. We only have one other griffin to compare her to, so them being close in sizes doesn't really prove anything. They could be average, small, huge, or anything in between. More research into EGS griffins is necessary.