Comic for Thursday, Apr 23, 2015


Posted April 23, 2015 at 1:01 am

- Ellen's troubles with researching the cloaked figure

Whenever I announce a new comic on social media these days, I use an image from the comic as a preview. Knowing that elaboration of Ashley's statement was highly anticipated by many, I chose this as thepreview image for this comic:

I am, quite obviously, pure evil.

Way back in 2006, I made a couple of choices regarding the word bisexual that were basically based in ignorance, and the main issue on my end was actually one of the reasons Ashley takes issue with labels: I was treating "bisexual" as though it had one very specific definition, and that any deviation from that definition meant technically not counting as bisexual. This resulted in Grace claiming she wasn't.

And, depending on who you ask, she isn't. There are those who would say she's demisexual. There are also those who would say that she can be attracted to men and women, and regardless of the specifics, that makes her bi. There are other arguments to be had, but whatever anyone might consider the correct answer, my point is that there is a lack of consensus on what the right word to use is.

Another point is, regardless of what words you choose, Grace is Grace. She's attracted to who and what she's attracted to regardless of what word one chooses to assign. "Grace is Grace" became my most common answer when people would ask about what word I would use to describe her sexuality.

As for the other choice, that with Ellen, I probably would have made use of the terms used in today's comic if doing that scene again. Or maybe I would simply imply them more deliberately, as I would have to elaborate anyway to make sure everyone was on the same page, and that would be true even if "homoromantic" wasn't so new that it got squiggly red lines under it when I typed it into the script.

In any case, panel two is how Ellen would describe herself at this point.

And hey, Wednesday's EGS:NP! There will also be a Friday EGS:NP, though the next story comic will be Monday thanks mostly to the amount of time I spent on this comic's script (this is NOT an easy subject to explain clearly; it's basically using words to explain the failings of words), and my mentally and physically feeling like garbage yesterday.