Comic for Wednesday, Mar 18, 2015


Posted March 18, 2015 at 1:01 am

- HYPER-CHARGED ELLIOT! (Review show montage)

- Ashley sees Elliot transformation
- Ashley sees Elliot transform back
- "I like you"

- "Apples... AND Oranges?"

So cool. Much melon. I believe the actual expression is "cool as a cucumber", but I like watermelon, so there.

I sometimes wonder what people expect me to be like in person. I haven't been seen in the wild (aka "attended a convention") since 2007, and most of what people would expect would be based on the contents of these comics, their commentaries, and my ramblings on social media.

I'm not sure in-person me would match up to whatever expectations one might have, particularly since I can go on-and-on with text and generally minimize how much I talk in person. If I have anything complicated to say, I can be more clear about it in text, anyway.