Comic for Wednesday, Aug 6, 2014


Posted August 6, 2014 at 3:40 am

- At most a "2", you say?
- "I will break you."
- When last we saw Wizard Sarah

Incidentally, 0 would be heterosexual, 3 evenly bisexual, and 6 homosexual. The kinsey scale isn't exactly perfect and can (sort of) be regarded as an oversimplification that fails to acknowledge asexuality, but that information's out there. Point for now is that Sarah's basically saying she considers herself to be at least a 1 on that scale.

You Vs This particular Larry*

Do you hit on people when they would rather not be hit on? Do you look for ways to shift blame instead of growing as a person? Do you assume women who would rather not be hit on at times are lesbians? Do you then actually call those women lesbians?

No? Congratulations! This comic isn't criticizing you!

(Please note that if looking at Larry is like looking into a mirror, then yes, I am totally criticizing you. Unless, of course, you only LOOK like Larry, in which case please contact me and tell me how your hair works in three dimensions. If you yourself have yet to sort it out, be aware that I have a team of scientists on standby who would be happy to study your hair and pay you in video game peripherals)

* Apologies to all the cool Larry's out there

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