Comic for Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014


Posted April 15, 2014 at 1:50 am

- Meet the George
- George about to meet Elliot
- George theorizing that Elliot is Cheerleadra
- Followup conversation with Justin
- Followup followup conversation (George's last scene in New and Old Flames)
- George meets Grace
- George summer moment #1
- George summer moment #2

George wasn't present at the last tournament for the fairly simple reason that, given the scenario, the vast majority of his dialogue would have been redundant. It might have added a bit of extra snark, sure, but it also would have messed up the pacing.

Now, however, he's BACK! And playing Pokémon Soulsilver, because that's what I was playing when my back was bothering me, and I also named captured monsters after people I know and that was fun, so yay. I mean, naming monsters after people I know was fun. Back bothering me, not so much.