Comic for Monday, Jul 29, 2013


Posted July 29, 2013 at 1:00 am
- "If we can give her time to find a signal..."
- "As I got closer, I could feel my power grow..."
- "...And I now have enough power to create a new flock in a single night!"
- "I have no objections to you running out the clock on your own trump card."

Give yourself a cookie (or a tasty snack of your choosing) if you were wondering about how much ambient magic energy was in the area prior to this comic.

Something Diane's departure taught me is that it's a good idea to reiterate things if you want everyone in the audience to remember them. This is a webcomic, and if someone is reading these comics as they are being posted, then there's at least a 24-hour gap between each page. It's easy for things to slip people's minds under such circumstances, and I only acknowledges Diane quickly running off in one panel that was sandwiched between far more memorable panels.

In short, I've been receiving many "where did Diane go" questions. Answer: She bolted as soon as Not-Tengu landed. See the first reference comic link.

What's that? Where did Charlotte go? She reluctantly left after being told to leave in panel two of the fourth referenced comic. I probably should have actually shown her departure in some way, but the panel real estate was being hogged by Ellen and Nanase doing angel-type stuff. Please direct all complaints to Ellen and Nanase.