Comic for Tuesday, Mar 12, 2013


Posted March 12, 2013 at 1:00 am
- The super well drawn ice cream shop scene with Sarah and Elliot
- Ellen's kiss goodbye to Sarah
- "Weird, huh?" "... Yes. Yes it is."

Ellen - "I have to withhold this information so you can search your feelings and junk."
Elliot - "But you can just tell me!"
Ellen - "Nah, man, you've gotta have, like, an arc. I can't just tell you how to feel."
Elliot - "But it doesn't make sense that you wouldn't just tell me!"
Ellen - "It totally does, actually."
Elliot - "How?!"
Ellen - "Dude, come on. I can't give spoilers."
Elliot - "Dammit!"

I feel I should clarify something regarding the previous comic and, well, the current scene as a whole. My AUTHORIAL INTENT *krak-a-thoom* was that Elliot and Ellen had recently woken up, and Elliot had already shared the details of his dream with Ellen.

My attempt to convey this was that Elliot was already male, Ellen was already sitting up and not asking more questions, and that it would be super weird if Elliot had simply started the conversation with "I am history's greatest monster" (it remains weird either way, but not SUPER weird).

I probably could have made that the whole thing a bit clearer, but I really didn't want to go through a comic of Elliot describing the dream we just saw him have and was hoping to just leap ahead like a mighty amphibian to the new stuff.