Comic for Sunday, Apr 28, 2002


Posted April 28, 2002 at 1:00 am

I hope you like angsty teen drama! And for reals, I was obsessed with using ice cream as a way of dealing with stuff (by, you know, eating ice cream instead of dealing with stuff).

Knowing me and perspective, this comic probably took me approximately 5,000 centuries in spite of the obvious use of copy/paste. That S on the salt shaker alone probably took a few centuries! Wait, how does that make any sense? The S wouldn’t even be affected by perspective. It would have taken a few decades at HOLD EVERYTHING

I JUST noticed this comic’s title is “Awkward Moments”.

This means something. THIS IS IMPORTANT. I often describe the comic as “one big awkward moment”, and this may be the first real acknowledgement of that. Granted, this is pretty minor on the awkward-ometer and not the sort of awkwardness I tend to refer to, but still! Noteworthy!

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