Comic for Thursday, Sep 20, 2012


Posted September 20, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Zoning out once more
- "It's kind of like being a tree."

This comic is dedicated to anyone who has ever found themselves sitting through a geeky debate about something they knew and/or cared little about.

Stomping Pride

The Stompalope is inspired by an actual Magic: The Gathering card. Well, the card's abilities and the inclusion of the word "stomp" are. The visual design, the alope-ishness, the chin to rival Batman, etc., are all me. Nonetheless, the inspiration to design such a beast came both from my using the card that inspired it and the very real (and somewhat tiring) debate about how good that card is.

Speaking of that debate, here's what's being said in the last panel:

J - "Sideboard?! The anti-countering is a nice bonus, not the reason it’s in the deck!"

T - "None of which changes the fact that there are better cards you could use."

J - "You mean more expensive cards."

T - "And what if I do? Elevated price is a natural side effect of elevated demand."

J - "I only play casually and I’m saving money for college. The Stompalope is a good card for a good price."

T - "I can’t argue with the money aspect, but again, none of that changes the fact that it’s just not that good."