Comic for Tuesday, Apr 17, 2012


Posted April 17, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Wands

I would elaborate on wands within the context of El Goonish Shive as a whole in this commentary, but that's bound to come up in the comic itself, so I will save the bulk of that discussion for then. I will say that there is a very good reason for wands and wand-like tools in the EGS universe in spite of pretty much everyone being capable of getting magic of their own, this comic suggesting at least one of those reasons in the fourth panel.

Divination grade: Acceptable

An extremely common prediction after the previous comic was that the watch would not do anything, and that the entire test was a trust exercise.

It was such a common theory, in fact, that I feel it would make me seem incredibly clever were I to claim that I had planned for people to make that prediction. This would be a lie, of course, but I'm going to claim it anyway.