Comic for Monday, Mar 19, 2012


Posted March 19, 2012 at 1:00 am
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- "Vampire"

Clearly the most important piece of information in this comic is that Matt has experience with Live Action Role Playing. But what LARP hat does he wear? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Vampire? Steampunk? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW. Unless I allude to it in a comic or something. Then the world may know.

I have never participated in LARPing, but I was in a college cafeteria once while of friend of mine was playing, though I use the word "playing" loosely. Her character was in mourning of another character, which apparently involved being away from the rest of the group and sitting on a table. I'm not going to judge the whole of LARP based on that one example, but it didn't really sell it for me.

LARP doesn't really appeal to me conceptually, however, for one of the same reasons motion controls for video games don't appeal to me (outside of bowling, tennis, and party games). Not being able to match the physical movements of the badass character I'm supposedly playing as is not the sort of thing that increases immersion for me. I can appreciate the increase in exercise and it could be fun with the right group, but if I really want to escape into a fantasy world, I prefer my real world self to remain seated.