Comic for Friday, Mar 9, 2012


Posted March 9, 2012 at 1:00 am
- When last we saw this group have lunch...

Tedd's eating a hamburger in the comic I linked to above in a manner similar to how he's eating his pizza slice in this comic, but the similarity was entirely by accident. When drawing this comic, I simply thought it would be cute if he was holding the slice that way. I guess I thought the same thing about him eating the hamburger back then.

Speaking of Tedd, as much as I prefer to let the comic speak for itself, I just know people are going to ask, so I'm going to save us all some trouble right now: Yes, Tedd is joking about the third date being a commitment to that level of physical intimacy.

It does, however, seem like every TV show I've seen that discusses dating and how long to wait before sleeping together has at least one character who says it's the third date. Frankly, I'd ignore that sitcom staple. As a general rule of thumb, I don't believe people should base their dating habits on sitcoms.

Unless you can somehow figure out how to emulate Jerry on Seinfeld. Granted, his relationships often ended horribly, but he was basically dating a new attractive woman every week. He must have been doing SOMETHING right.