Comic for Monday, Jan 9, 2012


Posted January 9, 2012 at 1:00 am
- "I'm sorry I wasn't a better teacher."
- "Take care to not repeat past mistakes."
- Mereowph

Those first two reference links aren't meant to imply that it should be totally obvious what Raven is referring to in panel four. I just think we should keep track of ominous things he has said and thought relating to his past and junk, because keeping track of ominous things in fun.

Much about Max and cats

It's been theorized that this is what cats are really doing when they bring you one of their toys or a dead animal. The common perception is that they're giving gifts, but if the theories are true, it's actually the cat trying to teach you to hunt. This would explain a lot of the behavior of one of my old cats, and why she once thought it would be a good idea to bring a live small animal inside and let it loose for others to deal with. I guess I had progressed to stage two of my training?

I originally imagined Max showing up to teach hunting before Grace even mentioned dating Tedd and Grace nonchalantly going along with the lesson ("like this?" *swat*), but there really wasn't a good spot for it. I'm okay with that, however, as Raven's willingness to humor his cat is more meaningful as a character moment than Grace's willingness would have been. Grace going along with it is simply cute and establishes Grace as being, well, Grace, and I think Grace has been firmly established as Grace before now.

I wanted to find a good reference of a cat walking for panel five of this comic, and I was looking for a side view in order to get a clear picture of the actual leg placement. This proved frustrating, as all of the images I initially found fitting that description were of very black cats. This made it almost impossible to tell if any given leg I was looking at was from the right or left side of the cat. I eventually found some suitable references, but I was *this* close to waking a sleeping animal for a real live reference.