Comic for Friday, Nov 11, 2011


Posted November 11, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Some insight into why Rhoda took off her glasses and undid her ponytail.

Someone immediately brought up the lack of last names being given here in a news report, and there are plenty of possible in-story explanations, the most obvious of which being Rhoda wishing to have her last name withheld and Catalina just going along with whatever Carol suggests.

Of course, the more meta reason is simply that I haven't chosen a last name for Rhoda yet. Rhoda... Puppy? Rhoda... Wombat? Rhoda... Schwarzenegger? I don't know. I'm sure whatever her last name winds up being, it will be not at all convoluted or strange, as I am super awesome at naming things.

Park Ranger Simpson

The park ranger's last name, on the other hand, was easy to decide on. He is basically named after The Simpsons due to their proud history of having a bunch of park ranger characters on the show. Or maybe it just seemed like a lot of park rangers to that one writer in that one commentary for that one episode. Whatever. One less name to have to figure out.

Writer's Blocked!

In addition to being strangely busy in a "time a away from comic" sense the week of this comic, I also found myself smacked in the face by a bit of writer's block in regard to the start of this news report. It's possible I was just distracted by other business, but I think part of the issue was simply that I'm not trying to do a recap here. Some information is being repeated just by the nature of what's being shown, but I assume everyone can remember that there was a boar and what-not in recent comics.