Comic for Wednesday, Apr 27, 2011


Posted April 27, 2011 at 1:00 am
Still updating every weekday and plan to keep on doing so as long as I can pull it off.

- The Child Left Behind
- Dan in the MUD ( - First creepy leader guy appearance )

Yeah, it's three panels. It's also a reveal that's been in the waiting for six and a half years and I'm updating every weekday. *Puts on sunglasses* Deal with it.

...Man, that's dark... *Takes off sunglasses*

It makes me sad that there's absolutely no possibility that I will ever get to be the badass who says "I will slay the dragon" and have it be a reality. This has nothing to do with the absence of dragons in our world. I just think the dragon would win.

Master of Disguise?

EGS has a proud history of terrible disguises. I would argue that shrouding one's self in shadow and darkness would make for a good disguise, but there are clearly some flaws with Noah's execution here.

At least, I HOPE there are clearly some flaws, otherwise a bunch of people will be all like "I wonder who that is... WHAT?! Spoilers in the commentary?! BAD DAN!"

Creepy Leader Guy

I was somewhat mortified when I went back and looked at the old Dan In the MUD comics and had very obviously given the creepy leader guy Noah's hairstyle. I thought I had been a little less on the nose about it, but I was WRONG. Bad past Dan!

In any case, yes, that shadow guy was, and was always intended to be, Noah. If there was any doubt, part 22 brutally bludgeons it.

Glowing Tonfas?!

I have ranted ENDLESSLY about how much of a bad idea it would be to use lightsaber tonfas. No matter how much debate is had, I reach the same conclusion: the user of lightsaber tonfas would be at as much risk of injuring and/or killing themselves as they would their enemies, if not more, given that I've seen tonfas in action and the part of the tonfa they've transformed into death light would make contact with the user simply by virtue of how tonfas are used.

One could argue that a different style could be used, but that would defeat the purpose of using tonfa shaped weaponry in the first place.

Anyway, how can I be so adamant about that and make Noah's tonfas all glowy and potentially dangerous to the touch? Mostly because the glowing is more for show and it doesn't work like lightsabers, but also because it's MAGIC! Unlike the force, which is totally scientific because of microscopic organisms that totally explain everything, up to and including how people can instantaneously communicate telepathically across the vacuum of space.

...Wait, how exactly do microscopic organisms pull that off...?

Ah well. In spite of evidence to the contrary, I really do like Star Wars. It's just that part of the fun is nitpicking it.