Comic for Monday, Mar 14, 2011


Posted March 14, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Run, Noah, run!

I had an orchestra all set up for an epic anthem of fighting awesomeness, but then I remembered that this isn't actually a fight scene and fired them. They then bluntly reminded me that they had a contract, so they instead followed me around and gave my day a musical soundtrack. It was kind of cool, but a pain in the butt to organize the various forms of transportation necessary. There are some things compact cars weren't designed to transport, and orchestras are among them.

Layout blues (again)

Before I continue, if this sort of WACKY behind the scenes stuff interests you enough to care, you'll definitely want to check out this recent sketchbook entry.

This comic gave me a lot of trouble from a layout perspective, making it somewhat annoying to me that the end result doesn't look that complicated. One of the issues was that I didn't want square panels for Noah running, and was trying to find ways to accommodate making them wider.

One layout I came up accomplished this by squishing the top four panels and having Ellen's reaction in a very wide and narrow extra panel, but that seemed like to many running panels. That, and the squishing made it all so tiny.

That was actually the layout I was going to use, but then I realized an overhead shot would work with a vertically-oriented panel, as would Ellen's reaction shot. This allowed for the two wider panels without all the squishing.