Comic for Friday, Apr 30, 2010


Posted April 30, 2010 at 1:00 am
There was originally going to be a joke squeezed in this comic along the lines of this:

Grace: "So why are we doing this?"

Susan: "What? Grace, we told you what we're doing yesterday! How can you possibly need a recap already?!"

From there, Grace would clarify what she meant by "why" and the comic would mostly be the same. It would have been a meta joke about my history of having recaps too frequently, but in the end, there just wasn't room for it with everything else I wanted to fit in this comic.

As for Grace's morphing abilities, I'd personally put it more along the lines that they are "technically" magic. It's a nitpickery point of semantics, but that sounds more accurate to me than "technically not magic". Feel free to dive back into middle of the Sister 2 arc to help you reach your own nitpick-tastic opinion on the matter.

I believe I've gotten pretty good at making reusable backgrounds for car scenes, There's definitely room for improvement, but I've always had trouble with car interiors (and exteriors) and I'd like to think what's seen in this comic is a step in the right direction. It's a minimum of five layers to pull off (foreground, characters, middle, more characters, background), but precision group and pasting options makes it easy to pull off once the multi-layered fore/backgrounds are made.