Comic for Thursday, Jun 18, 2009


Posted June 18, 2009 at 1:00 am
TITLE: Failed Diplomacy


I love panel two. "No one will care if I kill you" is a mean thing to say when it's an exaggerated taunt, but Raven's 100% serious here. That's gotta hurt.

Anyone who is attempting to figure out Raven's motivations and why he is who he is would do well to remember the dialogue in panel one of this page. The information is brief, but all of it is very important to his character.

The destruction of Abraham's hat was a late decision, but I'm pleased with the results. For one thing, it adds to the badass factor of Raven's attack. For another, now I don't have to draw that frickin' hat anymore! Plus, it was made via magic, so if I decide I want to bring it back, it's not exactly a major plot hole ;)

This comic was quite difficult for me to draw, and I'm certain people are going to criticize the results. Just keep in mind that I'm not a combat choreographer, this is stylized and not meant to be 100% realistic (c'mon, this is EGS), and any constructive criticism should come with visual reference because it's not gonna do me much good otherwise ^^;