Comic for Tuesday, Apr 20, 2004


Posted April 20, 2004 at 1:00 am

I'm pretty sure Grace is named Grace because I like the name and "graceful" and whatnot, but it proved pretty handy for this part's title.

This is where I get to be harsh on my own artwork again. Grace's face looks cool, that skull looks nifty, but I wish I'd given her a super rad pose doing rad things while looking rad. Basically, I feel this could use a general increase in radness.

But not rads. I've played Fallout 3. I know I don't want rads.

When I first introduced that skull, I don't believe I intended for it to be that much of a literal representation of what this form would end up being with the horns. I suspect I decided to add the horns because of the skull and not the other way around. Ultimately, though, it works, and Grace lacks the middle horn because that's where her antennae go, and they have seniority.