Comic for Friday, Sep 26, 2003


Posted September 26, 2003 at 1:00 am

The layout of Tedd's house is becoming more clear! What's also clear is that I'm not a great interior decorator. Er, I mean, that Tedd and his father aren't! Yeah, that's the ticket.

Only now, literally just before writing this, did it ocurr to me that Tedd has a solution to the problem Gillian mentions in panel five (which will be revealed later). In fact, it's specifically for this sort of problem, and they're about to totally not make use of it or even make mention of it.

It's not Tedd's fault, however, as I hadn't thought of it at this point, and therefore, it couldn't possibly have occurred to him. In retrospect, however, I'm having trouble thinking of a logical reason he didn't use that solution that doesn't amount to Tedd being horrible, so, um... I'll think of something. By the time we reach the comic that reveals said solution, I'll have SOME excuse. Hopefully.