Comic for Thursday, Aug 14, 2003


Posted August 14, 2003 at 1:00 am

I’m not sure if I was genuinely out of questions at this point, or simply out of questions I could answer. I can recall getting plenty of questions for Q&As after this, but they weren’t necessarily questions I could answer, and...

Wait a minute. Sarah is LYING! “How much is planned in advance” is TOTALLY a question I get! I STILL get it! Even though this comic exists! And there’s a wand in it and everything! How could it be forgotten!
Tam Et Tedd, incidentally, is incorrect Uryuomocco. It SHOULD be Tam Eh Tedd, and I should consider fixing it at some point. In any case, it translates to “Gun of Tedd” (and not, you know “Gun OG Tedd”).
Sidenote: Be quiet, Elliot. Wands are cool.