Comic for Thursday, Jun 26, 2003


Posted June 26, 2003 at 1:00 am

 That’s quite presumptuous of you, Susan. It’s not like you have a good reason to suspect Nanase is attracted to women or anything.

There has been so. MUCH. Speculation about that image in panel one. It’s just supposed to be a fancy painting with a “powerful woman” vibe, but in my style for the time, the angel looks a LOT like Susan.
I dread returning to Susan’s house these days short of sticking to one or two rooms. I established it as this absolutely huge house, and I have actual backgrounds now! I didn’t think ahead to a time in which I’d actually have to include such things!
Panel six reaaaaaaally dates this comic, and there’s no getting around it. I have a rather large screen TV myself these days, what with them getting less expensive over time, and they’ve only gotten flatter. As large as the screen on my TV was, I had no trouble carrying it myself. It’s astounding how lightweight they’ve gotten, and  I’m pretty sure Ellen would fail to rest on top either due to surface area, her being too heavy, or both.