Comic for Wednesday, Mar 12, 2003


Posted March 12, 2003 at 1:00 am

 And with this comic, I got everyone everywhere to stop using "gay" as a derogatory word forever (spoiler: no I didn't).

I really liked The X-Men when I was younger, and they really were big on not being prejudiced (what with the whole "protect a world that hates and fears them" dealie). I don't recall any openly gay characters at the time I was reading it, though it would surprise (and disappoint) me if there weren't now. I mean, the X-Men 2 movie had "have you ever tried... NOT being a mutant?", and First Class had "you didn't ask, I didn't tell". They're already using mutant super humans as a metaphor for it in the movies, so...
Yeah. Here's hoping there are canon gay mutants.
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