Comic for Monday, Sep 23, 2002


Posted September 23, 2002 at 1:00 am

 I'm not sure which "oh, hey" statement to lead with. Hm...

Oh, hey, it's Liz! Hi Liz! What's up? How's it... Oh. You're leaving. That's cool. Sure. I'm not disappointed or anything.

Oh, hey, it looks like I had my first copy of Poser 3D rendering software back in 2002! I say that because, well... Obvious poster with obvious 3D renderings is obvious. I'm a fan of such software and use 3D rendering to help me make comics these days, buuuuuut it was a pretty bad idea to fling an actual rendering into a comic. Those guys clearly don't belong in th EGS universe.

I'm pretty sure I gave Tony's friend a name eventually. I think. Maybe. At this point, he's just the obligatory "no, really, I don't think all football players are jerks" character, AND I DON'T, DARN IT.

Just all quarterbacks.

  Commentary added October 31, 2014. Also, I don't really think all quarterbacks are jerks. Yeah, it's less funny to put this note here, but I'm the one who has to worry about e-mails if I don't, darn it.