Comic for Friday, Feb 15, 2002


Posted February 15, 2002 at 1:00 am

See? See now the dangers of trying to figure out what settings to use when cooking a frozen waffle? The incredible dangers of being so dissatisfied with the results that it destroys a… Hm. That must be a really awful movie.

I do like this comic, though. It is cute, and Elliot is providing valuable body heat to Sarah’s head in what is likely a cold theater. Good job, Elliot!

In all seriousness. I can’t really elaborate on why I like this one without getting into spoiler territory. That might seem silly, seeing as this Is a classic comic from 2002, but I’m still going to try and avoid spoilers given that someone might be reading this and the comic for the first time. I personally think the comic should be read sans commentaries the first time through (if for no other reason than how long it would take to catch up), but to each their own.

Well, specific spoilers. I’ve dropped several “this thing would be done differently if done today” comments, which are sorta spoilerish.

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