Comic for Thursday, Feb 14, 2002


Posted February 14, 2002 at 1:00 am

Frozen waffles can be pretty scary. You put them into the toaster oven, and you think “this is a good setting for cooking these”, but it’s not. THEY BURN. So you try again, but this time? They’re still cold, and a bit soggy. So you put them in again for just a little bit of time, and then they burn all over again.

You just can’t win with frozen waffles, and that’s terrifying.

I like that Elliot just took “the playah”’s money. Serves him right, the… Wait, that wasn’t the playah’s money. That was the theater’s money. Assuming the playah knows how to do this sort of thing without getting in trouble, Elliot just took money from the theater…

ALIGNMENT VIOLATION! XP PENALTY! OR SOMETHING! I think that’s what happens, right? Or did happen in some edition of Dungeons & Dragons? Whatever.

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