Comic for Thursday, Jan 31, 2002


Posted January 31, 2002 at 1:00 am

Elliot, you fool! Have you never played Dragon Warrior?! Slimes can be all sorts of dangerous! I bet you haven’t, and at no point will make a reference to that video game series!

The “goo makes me puke” line is a quote. Remember a couple commentaries ago when I said I had friends who made goo? Well, one friend threw goo at another friend, and then a thing happened. You can probably guess what.

In any case, the joking around that followed about that incident is basically the origin of the goo. I’m not sure how my thought process went from gross stuff happening in a high school chemistry class to a goo monster with big pointy teeth, but that’s what happened.

Oh, and I suppose this also explains what the “inside joke” from the title was about! Revelations abound in this comic’s commentary!

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