Comic for Monday, Jan 28, 2002


Posted January 28, 2002 at 1:00 am

I never took High School chemistry. I’d like to think I would’ve been super good at it, though. I would’ve poured one thing into another thing, and there would’ve been bubbles, and then there’d be scholarships…

Dreams of bubbles aside, the whole “goo” dealie in this comic was inspired by friends of mine in high school who did, in fact, take chemistry, and they did, in fact, make “goo”. At least, that’s how THEY described it. There was probably a more chemistry-esque name for whatever they were doing, but they called it “goo”, darn it, and I wasn’t there.

I’m pretty sure their goo didn’t come to life, but having not been there, I cannot definitively confirm this one way or the other.

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