Comic for Sunday, Jan 27, 2002


Posted January 27, 2002 at 1:00 am

Allegations that I totally took a photo and scanned it are totally unfounded and mean and shut up perspective is hard.

I initially made them Juniors in High School because I figured the time would fly by so fast that they would be graduating high school way too quickly if they started out as seniors. If you’re a new reader and reading these commentaries anyway for some reason, this may sound sensible to you. If you’re an experienced reader with several levels in EGS comic reading, however, you’ve likely just finished laughing uproariously at the first sentence of this paragraph.

And thus ends the first awkward week of comics! With that somewhat clunky introduction out of the way, the next comic can begin the real story properly, and the fourth wall need never be broken again! …Right?

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