Comic for Friday, Dec 7, 2012


Posted December 7, 2012 at 1:00 am
- She's gotta be at LEAST level 3 by now.
- Calling Sarah

I think most people have at least one level in clerk. I know I do. All it takes is one job behind a counter. I'm not sure what the leveling system beyond that is, but I'm sure one of the eventual perks is making people believe your smile isn't masking contempt.


I hate talking on the phone. I can tolerate talking on the phone to accomplish a goal or speak with someone I otherwise cannot talk to for some reason, but it's not something I have any interest in doing any longer than I have to. In addition to what's said in the comic, I feel strangely trapped when on the phone.

I'm generally bad about calling people as a result of this, although with so many other ways to contact me these days, I'm not sure why anyone would insist on talking to me over the phone for any extended period of time. Half of what I say will be requests to repeat themselves if it's over the phone.

Oh hi, Writer's Block

This comic was delayed in the update schedule on account of me needing more time to work out the script, which is fitting as I now find myself having difficulty describing what the issue was without veering into spoiler territory.

What I can say, however, is that there were points I wanted to get across, and I kept writing scripts where only a fraction of the points I wanted got through, and some of those that did were sort of jammed in there. This final result might not be the most complex of comics, but I finally got it where I wanted it after several failed attempts, several of which being vastly different to the point of time jumps and scene changes. Sometimes it's the simple comics that cause the most trouble.

At least, I think I got it where I wanted. How successful I was is ultimately up to how people interpret it. If you are currently assuming that Elliot is from the planet Mars, then I have failed.