Comic for Tuesday, Sep 25, 2012


Posted September 25, 2012 at 1:00 am
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You can blame Yu-Gi-Oh! for Grace bringing up the power of friendship in this comic. I had absolutely nothing to do with her saying that. It just sort of happened.

Justin's "common ground" description is pretty much what Star Wars was to me when I was younger. I liked the movies well enough, but as young kid and a teenager, the most important thing about them was that everybody knew about Star Wars.. It provided a connection with some people that wouldn't have existed for me otherwise.

This still holds true today, but to not as strong a degree, and in a somewhat different way. People are more divided now on Star Wars than they used to be, but even that creates common ground. It's just a bit more cynical given that the common ground includes nitpicking and complaining, but it's still something to bond over.

Heck, the prequels have all sorts of value, even if they themselves weren't that great. The sheer amount of discussion, evaluation, parody, etc that has resulted from them is enormous. Even when Star Wars fails, it sort of succeeds.

All that said, I still think they should make every major release of Star Wars available. Even if not on discs, we live in a magical world of services like iTunes and Amazon and what-not. I'm sure there are logistical problems I'm not considering (beyond basic stuff like licensing), but I can't help but think that every darn bit of motion picture should be available for (legal) downloading eventually.