Comic for Monday, Aug 20, 2012


Posted August 20, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Saturday social activity attempt #1
- Saturday social activity attempt #2

Is the third time the charm? STAY TUNED! By which I mean, come back tomorrow, or click next if you're from the future. If the latter, do you have robot butlers yet? I waste hours every day making my own sandwiches like a savage.

"Riffs and Tracks" is in reference to RiffTrax, which is in many ways the modern incarnation of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

No idea where to begin

I feel as Elliot does when I enter a bookstore with the intent of finding something new to read. As much as I like books and audiobooks, there are tons of options. If it's not by one of the very few authors I'm already familiar with, it feels like a shot in the dark. If I do try something new, it's likely the result of the cover grabbing my attention and the description on the back not scaring me off.