Comic for Friday, Aug 3, 2012


Posted August 3, 2012 at 1:00 am
- More MAYBE relevant blushing (also linked to in the previous commentary)

This is such a Friday comic.

I don't know what exactly a "rental beast" would be. Frankly, I think Catalina is a bit off-base. I imagine a rental beast as some sort of monster who's really into renting things. Elliot's involved in the renting of things to others. He's more like a distributor beast, or something.

Flailing Arm Lines

Who wants to get technical?! Anyone? No? Well, I'm going to get technical anyhow.

In order to get the angles of the motion lines for Catalina's arm approximately super amazingly accurate, I used the pen tool to make lines to illustrate the angle of motion from position to position at key points (her bracelet, finger tips, elbow, and shirt sleeve). Imagine the darker area in the motion blur representing her bracelet as a thin line, and that's basically what I was drawing for each key part of her arm.

I then used those big lines as guides for the angles on all the smaller motion lines, which I drew by hand with my tablet stylus.

I don't know if that's useful information for anyone, but I know I've always found motion lines to be a pain, so I figured I'd share how I went about it for this comic.

That, and it was content for the commentary. Delicious, delicious content.