Comic for Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012


Posted February 14, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Parallel universe history
- Thank goodness for stock extras

Based on feedback, Akiko's not the only one who doesn't want Nanase to get a haircut. Unless Nanase develops some manner of hair-based martial arts, however, I don't see her keeping it this long for, well, long.


This is the part where some of you are thinking they should be done with school by now, and you're probably correct as far as where you are is concerned. School schedules differ a surprising amount by region, however, and Moperville South apparently has finals the first week of June. It will mostly vary due to when the school year begins for a district and how many days they have off.

It's also worth noting that this is the end of the main character's Junior year, so they're finally getting to the year in school I figured they'd be at about nine years ago from our perspective.

Fun with tablets

I'm writing this partially as a reminder to myself for the future. Every so often, I find myself inexplicably having more trouble drawing with my tablet, and EVERY BLOODY TIME this happens, I assume it's just because I've spontaneously gotten worse at drawing and just have to try harder.

Then I realize the "nib" on my tablet pen has been worn down, and the actual reason for the sudden lapse was just because I have to replace the damn thing. This is very easy to do, but I have to actually do it or everything feels off, and it can even effectively cause technical glitches should the nib get worn down enough to become loose.

So, yeah, future me? Please remember you wrote this. I don't want to spend another week wondering what the hell's wrong with me only to realize the problem was a worn nib.