Comic for Monday, Jun 21, 2010


Posted June 21, 2010 at 1:00 am
Thanks, handy exposition jogger! Jog onward to other webcomics in need of random information!

This comic was way more difficult for me to make than it should have been. There were several reasons for this, including non-comic obligations that also delayed the previous comic, weather, a power outage, the assumption that this comic would demand more panels to get the timing right (for example, I originally pictured a text-free panel with Sarah, Susan and Grace with the cave behind them in response to "I ain't never seen a cave"), and then there was the matter of personal angst and lack of sleep.

In an effort to avoid such issues in the future, I have made it my goal to capture a leprechaun who will grant my wishes to make every future comic with ease. In order to achieve this, I will need a team of three people: an action hero, a scientist, and an attractive blond woman who seems inept but stumbles upon the solution that ultimately saves the day towards the end of the mission thus validating her presence on the team.

What's that? I shouldn't comment on having a team like that when Susan's nearby? Oh, please. It's not like the inept blond would have to be the only woman. The other two could be attractive women, too! In skimpy outfits, obeying my every--


OW! You're not supposed to have hammers right now, damn--*THWACK* OW!