Comic for Tuesday, Feb 2, 2010


Posted February 2, 2010 at 1:00 am
TITLE: Time Keeps On Shrinking

El_Goonish_Shive_Timeline - While I did help verify the validity of this timeline by answering various questions and confirming things, this timeline pretty much was figured out by fans. Short of finding a flaw somewhere, I consider it canon.

(Incidentally, this indecisiveness of what time of year EGS was taking place in is why weather in EGS has been so inconsistent prior to a certain point.)

One of the reasons there's an ongoing shrinking "B" story to this Q&A is simply experimenting with techniques, and that includes the 3D rendered background references. I've made virtual mannequins to help with my layouts, and one advantage of that is that I know precisely what scale Amanda is. She goes from 91.4% to 88% to 84% to 75% to 70% her normal size, so she's 4 foot 1 inch in the last panel. If that 91.4 sounds weird, it's because I was making her equal height to Lisa.